STUPID QUESTIONS: "There's no such thing as a stupid question!"

What price range do Corrion Homes build to?

Our individually designed homes start from around $800,000.

Do Corrion Homes provide firm tenders?

Yes. All Corrion Homes clients are provided with a professionally prepared tender.

Does Corrion Homes construct their own homes?

Yes. At Corrion Homes we design, construct and guarantee our homes. We can do the lot.

How long does the whole process take?

Approximately 12-18 months depending on size and complexity of your new home. The desing/quoting stage may take 2-3 months, followed by approx. 3-4 months in council and around 9-12 months for construction.

How are payments made during construction?

Approximately 5-9 progress payments are paid to Corrion Homes at specified stages during the construction period. The certifier will inspect and approve each of these stages before authorizing the payment to be made.

Does Corrion Homes build duplexes ?

Yes. Corrion Homes design and build unique duplexes that have style & character. We will also consider joint ventures where our clients provide the property and we cover the development costs.

Do we need to have plans prepared before we contact Corrion Homes?

No. Our very talented designer will create a unique home design for you.

What types of houses do Corrion Homes build?

As Corrion Homes have been designing and constructing residential buildings for over 30 years, we can offer our clients almost any style they require, especially unique designs to suit sloping and difficult sites.
Why Choose Corrion ?

Why Choose Corrion ?

At Corrion we custom design a home for your sloping site “to suit most budget”.

As one of the true specialist builders who have designed and built so many beautiful homes on sloping sites Corrion have the experience and expertise to deliver the home of your dreams, on budget.

Every Corrion home is unique meaning no two houses are the same! This means you get your own individually designed home built to your budget.

Special Offer: Free Sloping Site Inspection

If you’d like one of our team to drive out and inspect your site and assess the structure needing to be demolished, we are happy to provide this free and friendly advice to you complimentary. It’s a service we’re happy to provide.

On seeing your site we can tell you

(a) how we can demolish and remove the existing building/s
(b) what style and size home we can build on your site, and
(c) give you some estimates on how much it might cost.

Plus we can answer any other questions you may have. If anyone can knock down and rebuild on a difficult site we can – hopefully your budget will allow us to build what you want. Our past clients have loved this service, so it’s something we’d love to offer you.

Once again – this is a complimentary service with no cost or obligation. Just fill in your details on the right and we’ll contact you to organise a time to meet you on your site.